Color Crush Event (Part 1)

Welcome my friends! I just want to start out by telling you all how grateful I am to have you join me here! I'm so sad we are not together in person getting to know you all and connecting and creating on a more personal level but I hope to still inspire you here and we are so blessed to have the technology today that we can still come together.
***Please be respectful of the work and time that has been put into this course and DO NOT share this link with others! Thanks for understanding.

Introduction to Color Crush Colors

If you are a follower of The Stamp Market you know that we have a signature color palette and aesthetic to our feed and projects. Creating the perfect color palette was the most important thing for me. It took me a year of creating and testing what I used most and what colors always seemed to pair well and offer a variety.
Colors can make or break your projects and I'm here to share with you some tips and tricks to using color. If you don't have our Inks I would highly recommend them the firm foam is a dream to work with.
I'd also like to share a quick tip before we get creating: I always have a notebook handy while I swatch or create! You will be surprised as you enjoy the crafty process that ideas start to form in your mind and they NEED to be written down. I've provided you all with some fabulously cute pencils and a fun notebook just for this purpose! Enjoy:)

Let's Get Started!

Open your Boxes (like you didn't already-LOL!)

Rip open Packet 1 - which contains supplies for Project 1 & 2. You will need to gather the following supplies to fully participate but if you do not have the inks you can use what you have and use the colors shown as a guide or run on over to the shop and use the 30% off coupon to get those inks! You won't see a deal like this again for our inks:)

You are also getting a Peek into our newest colors arriving soon. Due to the Covid pandemic they have been delayed- so watch instagram for updates!!

  • All Color Crush Inks
  • Watercolor Brushes (link to my favorite brushes)
  • 1/4" hole punch
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Glass or Media Mat
  • Acrylic Blocks
  • Packet 1

Color Palette Stamp Set (provided) Also note that the stamp set has an error. It is missing the NAVY - I can't believe I did this... (palm in face) we will be sending out a corrected set within the next couple weeks and apologize for this oversight)

Color Crush Swatches Video Instruction


Project 1: Color Crush Swatches

To get the creative juices flowing I love to look at colors and different combinations. I like to create a few washes of color on some paper to just see and feel how they work together. Creating this swatch book will help you feel creative but hopefully will continue to be a resource you can use when you need to feel inspired when creating a new project. Enjoy the process and as you are putting this together. Jot down any ideas or thoughts for creating that come to mind. (Always create with a notebook or post-its handy) There are always ideas and you will likely forget them if you don't take note!

  • Use 2 sheets of the Smooth white paper and cut 18 swatch strips. (Each 1.5" x 4.25" ) Set aside
  • Cut a 1.5" wide strip from each color of Color Crush Cardstock in your packet. Then cut off a 1.25" piece from that strip. To give you a 1.5" x1.25" swatch of each color. (17 Colors) Set aside
  • Cut 1.5"x 1.25" Pieces from the 1/2 sheet of white media paper (this has a slight texture and is great for watercoloring swatches) set aside
  • Starting with your Cherry Kisses Cardstock glue the cardstock swatch to the white strip of paper approx 3/4" from top. Repeat with all 17 Colors leaving 1 blank white strip for the cover.
  • Add a drop of each color to a watercolor palette or glass surface. (If you only have ink pads- Dab the ink pad on a block or glass surface to create a patch of ink to watercolor with. (see video)
  • Watercolor each square cut from the media paper repeating with each of the 17 colors. Allow to dry
  • Glue each coordinating watercolor swatch approx 1/8" below its matching cardstock swatch. Leaving approx 1 " at bottom
  • Take the Color Palette Stamp set and using Black Ink stamp each name just below the watercolor swatch. As shown.
  • Stamp the Color palette word on the front strip.
  • Punch 1/4" holes in tops of all strips, arrange in spectrum order and insert ring to attach together for a quick reference swatch booklet.

If you want to be prepared you can cut 8 additional white strips so when the new colors hit the shop you are ready to go. Teehee!

Project 2: Color Palette booklet

Now that you've created your Color Crush Swatch Book let's look at putting together some color combinations that will make some fabulous projects.

Do you struggle when you are trying to create and not sure where to start? Start by creating an Instagram/Pinterest board just for color. When you find an image you like - TAKE NOTE! What is it that catches your attention? How are the colors used together? Are the equal proportions or just touches of one color used with larger amounts of another color? These questions will help you when creating your projects.

How you use colors together is just as important as what colors you use together. Think Gallon/ Quart/ Pint. Not all colors are created equal and not all colors should be made or used in Gallon size portions.

I always start by looking outside the paper crafting industry for ideas! This will help you see fresh new ideas and colors that you may not normally use. Here are a few examples and color combos to get you started. I'm showing you below the inspiration on the left and the finished projects and color swatch combo on the right.

Image Source for paint swatches:
If you aren't following Amanda. She's nothing short of inspiring.

Image Source: Color Factory

Now that you've seen my process- I challenge you to find 3-4 images and create color palettes as a reference for a project. Try searching Paint palettes, or flower arrangements. SO many beautiful combinations to get you started.

Color Pallete Video

Below are a few extra color palettes if you need a little something to get you started. You could easily swap out the samples created in the videos for any of these!

Color Palette Trio of Cards

Now that we've looked at some fun color combinations let's use one to make a trio of cards. These cards would look great in a variety of other combinations.

Big Butterfly Card Video

Big Butterfly Supplies Needed

  • Big Butterfly Stamp
  • Project Packet 2
  • Peach, Blush Pink, Citrine, Tropic Teal and Emerald Inks
  • Crystal Confetti
  • Die cut Machine
  • Foam dots / adhesive
  • We R Envelope Maker

Thank You Striped Video Instructions

Thank You Striped Supplies Needed

  • Packet 2
  • You Stamp and Dies
  • 2.5 " Circle Die
  • Blush , Citrine and Tropic Teal Ink Pads
  • Embossing Ink Pad
  • Embossing Powder , Heat Gun
  • Droplets
  • Foam Tape and adhesive

Layered You Card Video Instructions

  • Packet 2
  • You Stamp & Dies
  • Blush, Citrine, Tropic Teal , Peach, Emerald
  • Adhesive, foam, glue
  • Droplets
  • Gold embossing powder / heat gun
  • embossing pad
  • trimmer
  • scissors
  • We R Envelope Maker

Using Inspiration to create Projects

In the first section I mentioned that I look outside the industry for ideas. It really helps push your creativity and will ensure you are creating unique projects . Below is an example of a super cute pin I saw on instagram. Image source below. What a great color combo. I could take the exact version and emboss the wheel and dots but I wanted a little pop of black and white for this version. But you get the idea.


Simply Amazing Color Wheel Card Video Instructions

Color Wheel Card Supplies Needed

  • Packet 3
  • Color Hex Wheel Die
  • Party Pink, Cherry Kisses, Coral Reef, Melon , Citrine, Cactus, Tropic Teal, Emerald, Black
  • Confetti Dot Background (not provided) or a black marker
  • Crystal Confetti
  • Watercolor Brush
  • Glue
  • Simply Amazing greeting from Big Butterfly



  • PACKET 3
  • You Stamp & Dies
  • Citrine, Tropic, Emeral and Party Pink
  • Black Ink
  • Crystal Confetti
  • Embossing Ink
  • Embossing Powder / Heat Gun
  • Foam tape, adhesive, glue
  • Color Block 2 Die
  • Die Cutting Machine




  • Packet 4
  • You Stamp Set
  • Heart Die is included (From Happy Hearts Nested Dies)
  • Black Ink Pad
  • Foam Adhesive
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Color Crush Enamel Dots



  • Packet 4
  • Hugs Dies from Simple Sentiments Dies
  • Cherry Kiss, Bubblegum, Melon ,Citrine, Tropic Teal, Cactus Cardstock
  • Foam Adhesive
  • Crystal Confetti
  • Paper Trimmer


Project : Do What You Love

We created this die just for this event! It's a perfect sentiment for making a little craft room decor or sending some encouragement to a friend! I'm going to show you 2 fun ways to use this die. You pick the color combination that works for you. You have all the colors to work with in your packet. Remember that inspiration I had you gather you could use that to make your project.

  • Packet 5
  • Cut a piece of white CS 4.25" x 5.5 "
  • Glue your strips on a diagonal to the white base (be sure to add adhesive to the entire white base.
  • Layout your strips in your favorite combination first then start adhering to the white (this will allow you to test your combination before you start)
  • turn over after all pieces are glued and trim around base so all edges are even with white paper.
  • Center the Shadow Die for the "Do What you love" in the center of the newly created striped card front. Cut using die cutting machine. ( I recommend using purple tape to secure in place so it doesn't move)
  • Once you've run this through you will be left with the piece that is cut out and the base with an opening. You are going to use both pieces.

You can use these pieces to create a few different options. Framed, Banner for a pin board and /or a card. I love it when your efforts allow you to create a couple different projects.