Hi Stamping friends.  Amy here!!
I'm here today to clear up a MYTH. A myth out there that clear background stamps don't stamp as well as red rubber backgrounds. I have been stamping for 25+ years and trust me when I say I've stamped my share of red rubber and in my experience I have found to love clear backgrounds stamps more.  The clear see through feature is always beneficial!! and they stamp BEAUTIFULLY!! Crisp, clean images every time. 
There just may be a few tips and tricks you want to try - feeling confident when using product is important. If you have 10 minutes be sure to watch my you tube video sharing all the information for clearing up this myth and how you can feel confident next time you use your clear background stamps!! A visual is provided below but you will get the best information by watching our video!
Thanks for joining me today! I hope you learned a few things to help you next time you go to stamp! 

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