It's a busy time of year as the holidays wrap up over the next couple weeks and I'm always anxious to get organized and take inventory as soon as that tree comes down.
I'm happy to bring you some color charts for your collection of The Stamp Market inks and paper with the much requested Copic Matches. It's important to note that while it would be ideal to have an exact match for each color it's just not possible until we have custom alcohol markers. So I've tested  many colors to get the closest match and a couple of our inks and paper just don't have matches. I will continue to look and test colors even of other non-copic alcohol markers and update as I find a good match.
Enjoy these FREE Color Chart downloads. Put them in a binder or hang them in your crafty space. These simple charts are easy and rewarding to fill in. 
You can get them from the shop by following the link. 


I've simply printed them on our Premium White Cardstock. If your printer doesn't take cardstock you can easily have the files printed at your local copier. 

Happy Stamping or wrapping! Xo, Amy 

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