Hello everyone! Kerstin ( @kikki.sch ) here today and I’m excited to share my Composition Mini Book with you! Not only did I make a Mini Book, I also made a box and a pouch for pens!

The enclosed Die for pens is also too cute. I could not resist. Those who know me know that I always love a little

 I stamped with Blossom ink cube on white cardstock and glued it on a cardboard. If you don't have a suitable stamp block, you can also stamp with the protective foil. It's easy and the stamp will look great! The inside pages are from slightly thicker copy paper. For this I cut the copy paper in the size 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inch and folded it in the middle. I put 4 papers inside each other. Cut off the overlapping paper with a ruler and cutter knife. I made three booklets from 4 papers each. I sewed each booklet to the centre of the inside of the spine.

For the spine I stamped two strips from the Composition Book Stamp with Blossom ink cube, cut out and glued onto white cardstock. I pasted the spine to the inside of the front and back. Before I added the inside, I paste on two loops with the matching Color Crush Ribbon that I could close my book with a pen. My composition book is finished. 

Of course I had to make something with this cute pen Die. I couldn't help it! I punched out lots of colourful pens. To make them a little more stable, I also punched some pens out of white cardstock and glued the coloured ones on. For the pencil box I folded Blossom Cardstock and glued it together. I made the cap a little bigger that I could close the box more easily.

I glued the cute little coloured pencils all around. To open the cap, I punched an eyelet into the cap and pulled different coloured Color Crush Ribbon through it. I also made a pencil case.

I covered Blossom Cardstock with book foil. This makes the paper more stable and it doesn't tear so easily. In the middle of the paper I placed the zipper, marked the size of the zipper and cut out a smaller rectangle with the cutter knife. I made it smaller so that the zipper could be sewn in properly.

I sewed the sides together - a simple and quick little bag. I added some of the pencils to the front of the bag and folded it over and glued the rest to the back. I still had to get out of Berry Sweet Die and make 3D strawberries and attach them to my bag. 



I'm looking forward to filling my Composition Book. I will use it for notes and small drawings. I always have pens at hand with the box and pouch too! I hope you like my idea! There are many ways to use this amazing Composition Stamp Set. Thanks for stopping by today!


Composition Stamp Set 

Compositon Die



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  • Andrea H

    2 beautiful makes that would make perfect gifts. I’d love to see a video of these makes. Do you have a you tube channel?

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