Happy Monday! Let's start the week talking about getting organized. I'm obsessed with organization but here's a little secret- I'm not very good at it. Maybe some of you can relate. I struggle for the balance between pretty and functional and pretty usually wins out for me. LOL! I like most things in drawers or behind cupboards unless I can create a visually pleasing display. The Stamp Market studio was created 3 years ago and while it is bright and cheery it's not very organized and I can't usually find what I need.
Organizing the Art Studio has been my top priority this summer! I crave organization but my slight perfectionist tendencies stop me from moving forward. This can really become a problem especially as the list of things to do gets longer and more products keep filling the space.


I find that getting organized and creating a visually inspiring space allows me to open my mind to more creativity and I accomplish so much more! 
I've been debating over adding the Ikea Skadis system to the studio since it came out - but lots of overthinking it and not taking action. Long Story short I gave myself a little pep talk and got the system on the wall -
Can't wait to share the full wall!  
One of the first projects I needed to tackle was the blending brushes. I keep mixing up the colors and ruining my projects and find that I don't want to deal with them and toss them in a drawer and each time I go to use them it's pure frustration. 
I new right when I saw the Skadis Tool Hooks that they were the perfect solution and because of the white brushes I'd be happy to have them on display. However, Why? Why? Why?  would Ikea make these tool hooks only in gray! Makes no sense. But no worries. A can of spray paint will always save the day. Also, trust me when I say I tried about 6 different whites before I found one that matches Ikea's finish. I highly recommend the White Cloud if you care that your whites match.

1. Gather your supplies.

2. Paint your Hooks. Be sure to let dry overnight before adding the to your peg board or they might chip.

3. Label each brush with the coordinating enamel dot. We have one for each ink color and yes, we have more colors coming to the shop soon! 

Not sure why I didn't think of this idea sooner. Just this simple step would have saved me a lot of frustration. LOL! 

4. Hang your hooks and insert the brushes. I prefer rainbow spectrum order and also stagger each row so the brushes hang nicer and you can utilize the space better.


5. A finished project that is pretty and functional! 

These pegboards also work great hung inside cupboard doors if you don't have the space on your walls. They come in a variety of sizes as well.
Thanks for joining me today! I'll be sharing more of our studio makeover along the way. Let me know in the comments if there is a specific product you want to see organized. I'll see what I can do to come up with or share ideas that are functional and pretty to look at. 
Hugs & Happy Crafting! 









  • Aileen

    I was wondering if you still use this system to hang your brushes. So the hooks stay in place when you remove the brushes? I am about to set up a craft area and like the idea but worry the hooks will fall out when trying too remove the brushes. Thanks in advance Aileen

  • Danita Currin

    Wow! This is the absolute best idea I have seen for storing blending brushes. And since I’m in the midst of a craft room re-do, I can make this part of my pegboard wall. Thank you SO much!!

  • Catherine

    Genius! Pure genius! Thank you so much, this is so neat, will use this to both label and store my brushes. (U. K.)

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