A new year calls for a fresh coat of paint in The Stamp Market Studio and some much needed organization. If you have some organization goals this month we are here to help get you started with one of the most basic of tips. I think we all know when everything has a place and it's easy to find we are more creative and can get more accomplished. It's also a bonus if it can look beautiful too!
We have two fabulous products that work perfectly together. It was quite serendipitous to have that ah-ha moment that these two products were the perfect match. And as much as I'd like to say I planned it this way. It was a lucky coincidence!! 
I LOVE having splashes of color in our studio. It's who we are and such an important part of the creative process. And there's nothing like some stacks of cardstock to keep your space feeling cheerful.
I like my cardstock to be stored vertically. It's much easier to get to the product. 
I keep a small stack of each Color Crush Cardstock in this white wooden letter tray holder purchased from an office supply store.(I purchased this some time ago)  Any sturdy letter tray will work for this idea. 
I've turned it on it's side and between each color I have added an XL Stamp n Storage Divider with it's coordinating Color Crush label. This is such a great way to use the dividers and labels. Easy and looks professional when sitting in your craft area. 
I did a big happy dance when this was put together and I think you just might too! 
Getting this simple organization project done was so rewarding. I hope you can take a little time to get some crafty organization done and if you love this project too you can shop the products below!! 



  • Elisabeth Arzberger

    Möchte gerne wissen was daß kostet

  • Jessica Yoder-Jones

    runs to sb room to organize

  • Anonymous

    What an absolute beautiful display! I love how readily available this system is…makes you want to start making something pretty right away

  • Silvia Pozzobon

    Did you have to cut down the dividers as they are longer than that 8.5” and stick out quite a bit more than the picture is showing.

  • Gail Owens

    I love The Stamp Market products!!! I wish I could afford to purchase EVERY single item you offer!!

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