Today I'm sharing how to make your own envelopes with a few basic tools & how to keep them organized in perfect rainbow fashion using one of my favorite products from our Stamp Storage line. 

You can see the video for full instructions below

One of the most requested items we get is matching envelopes. Until that day happens I have a solution that I personally LOVE! It's super important to me that my envelopes are a PERFECT match not just kinda... anyone else relate?! 
You must try this for yourself to see how easy it truly is to create your own envelopes and if you follow my measurements and use the right supplies you will be so thrilled with the results! There's something super satisfying when you have a stack of crisp envelopes organized and ready to go! 

Now on to storage! Get these perfectly sized bins at Target- link below. We do not sell storage bins. You wouldn't like the price/shipping costs if we did- LOL!  Sorry! We've looked into this but at this time it just simply isn't feasible. But on the bright side (no pun intended) these are perfect and accessible. There are also MANY options through Amazon and the Container store just make sure the opening measures at least 6" in width and you can use any depth you prefer. 

Gather some supplies and let's get started! 

I mention this in the video but please note that the WE R envelope tool has the wrong measurements for a standard A2 Card- you end up with an off sized envelope if you use those measurement. Be sure to follow my measurements. I would recommend grabbing a permanent marker and writing them on the back of your tool so you don't forget! 


Here's the only 2 measurements you need to remember.

Cut Cardstock to 8" x 8" - use the 3 1/2" mark for your first score and punch. This will give you an envelope that allows for a little extra dimension and depth in your cards. If you want an extra snug fit you can use the following measurements Cut Cardstock to 7 7/8" x 7 7/8" - use the same 3 1/2 mark for your first score and punch.




Envelope Maker

Double sided tape

Color Crush Cardstock Starter Pack


  • Suzanne Russell

    Thank you so much for correcting the dimensions for an A-2 card on the WRMemory Keepers envelope maker! I love making custom envelopes, but really didn’t like the fit I got with this tool. I will definitely follow your example and create a rainbow of envelopes to inspire my A-2 card making! Such a helpful video. thanks a bunch!

  • Jennifer

    I’d love to know that too!

  • Peggy

    Hi! I have my envelopes all made and filed with this idea that you shared on your inspiration board and I LOVE IT!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Could you please tell me how you made your ENVELOPES label for the front of the container? THANKS! Peggy

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