It's going to be a LOVE FEST here for the next few weeks starting with these Jumbo Conversation Hearts! Disguised as Treat bags. 
I have such fond memories of valentine exchanges growing up and it's fun to revisit that as an adult with some super cute Jumbo sized iconic convo hearts. 
These little bags are perfect for giving a few small treats and even a gift card. 
Anything oversized or mini is always such a fun way to make someone smile and these conversation hearts will do just that. They are 8" and so easy to make and best of all you can customize your sentiment for each person. These will be loved by your cute kids or grown up friends. 



1. Gather Supplies- linked below. 
2. Cut out your Free Cutfile Hearts using a machine or simply print and use as a paper pattern and cut using scissors. You will need to cut 2 of each color.
3. Attach hearts together by taking the 2 hearts. Lineup and stitch together using a sewing machine and if that's not something you want to attempt these will be just as cute glued together at the edges using some thin double sided craft tape. Leaving a small section open to fill with candy, gift cards or small jewelry etc.
4. Die cut your favorite sentiments for each heart in a variety of cardstock colors and adhere to each heart as shown. 
5. Fill with your favorite gift and stitch or glue the opening shut. 
Giveaway to your Gal Pals, or little sweethearts! 


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  • Jessica Yoder-Jones

    Love these!

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