Hi Friends. Today's Bundle of products is for our Furry Friends.

Furry Friend Bundle

The products will be sold separately and as a bundle. 
We all have a furry  friend or know someone who does. Recently I found myself needing a card for a friend and just didn't have anything in the studio to create what I wanted. I recently purchased and adorable rainbow collar for my pup and thought a fun collar die and set could be such a fun way to customize a card for a new puppy, a simple gift or when we need to send extra special thoughts their way!
I created this as a need for myself but I certainly hope you will all enjoy!! 
The possibilities of customizing this are endless. I hope you are inspired by the samples today. the new product will be available 


Thank you so much for stopping by- Be sure to follow along all week for lots more sneak details! Xo, Amy


  • Cindy Knickerbocker

    This is going to be a great bundle! P.S. I so wish you had wishlist abilities on your website! I always have to go to a different website that sells your products, save them there, and then hope I don’t forget about them :)

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait for these products to be released. They are so great!

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