Ribbon & Stitching. Yes Please!!

The texture and color is just pure YUM! 

Welcome to  a little mini series where we are going to show you how to use some of our products to stitch with ribbon! Paper & Ribbon are a beautiful pairing and makes the best little surprise when you send a card or create a little gift. Since the day we got the Ribbon I've been waiting for a minute to create some of the ideas swirling around in my head. So much to share I will be doing a few different tutorials over the next week that I hope will inspire you to think a little different with your supplies.

I am hoping to create a reel/ video for you on some of these as well but the rest of this week we are out with family remembering the life of a loved one. So thanks for your patience as I need to take a little break. 

In the meantime I hope you'll find some inspiration here to help you create something colorful this weekend.


We are starting out the series with a Ribbon Flower Stitch.using the 1/4" Ribbon and Lots of Dots Cover Die Today I'm sharing a background size version of this (more mini flowers coming) These are incredibly fun and the texture is just the best.  A few Tips while you are creating this. You can tape the back side of the center dots to reinforce them if they want to tear. But remember the ribbon will hide alot of paper so don't worry too much and enjoy the process.

I"ll be back early next week with more Ribbon Stitching Ideas! Xoxo, Amy

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